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Building Strong and Vibrant Non-Profits for Lasting Impact

About NoDe

NoDe is a unique initiative of SeSTA supported by Axis Bank Foundation, which is envisaged to catalyze and invigorate the development sector of Northeast India. Focused on sustainable livelihoods, climate resilience, grassroots governance, and gender justice among other things, NODE looks to harness the immense potential of collective community action.

Objective of NoDe

  1. Gain vibrancy, fortified by strong values, governance, and efficient systems, ensuring impactful outcomes with a committed HR and a clear program delivery model.
  2. Build strong systems and clear policies, when clearly explained and consistently followed, create a solid foundation for the organization to grow. Independent boards closely watch and take a keen interest in how well the organization operates.
  3. Grow your organizations by 3X—expanding outreach, strengthening HR, and boosting budgets—leading to a more substantial and influential presence.
  4. Establish stable fund flow, establishing resilience with multiple long-term donors committed to supporting their initiatives.
  5. Benefit from a dynamic data website, leveraging community research for sustainable development, serving as a resource hub for digital tools, open source, and impactful representation at social impact forums.

What Sets Us Apart?

Focus Areas

Our Core Team

Pradyut Bhattacharjee

Executive Director

Grace Tungoe

Integrator HRM

Arpana Choudhury

Thematic Expert(Gender)


Debasish Acharjee

Program Director

Mahnur Ali


Kaustav Bordoloi

Executive(Fundraising & Communication)