Seven Sisters Development Assistance

COVID-19 Response

SeSTA's fight against the 2nd wave of COVID-19

The Scenario

With the wake of the 2nd wave of the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, the rural northeast which remained partially untouched during the first wave, showed a huge surge in positive cases. The virus having a free run reflected the failed medical facilities; lack of beds, medicines, doctors, poor connectivity added to the misery of the rural people.

The curfew/partial lockdown announced added salt to their misery, as the families in home isolation were out of rations, emergency medical care and many more. Further it disrupted the rural livelihood scenario to the worst, landless farmers, daily wage earners and people who are involved in petty trades have been terribly hit.

With increasing cases every day there is also a threat to the life of frontline Asha workers and Community cadres who were/are working relentlessly to support the victims of covid 19. To support these frontline workers SeSTA provided an insurance support known as Corona Kavach to 311 cadres, with a sum of Rs 3,00,000 insured for each cadre. SeSTA paid the first premium of Rs 5,25,5255 for all the cadres. The insurance ensures benefit of treatment in hospitals for both pre and post COVID infection including hospital payments, emergency ambulance services and others related to COVID infection.

To mitigate these challenges, SeSTA with support from various organisations and individual donors intervened in 32 blocks of 3 states of Northeast by distributing emergency relief items like Ration, Medi kits supporting the local medical agencies with makeshift beds,

Work in progress

Vaccination awareness in 32 blocks of 3 states for 1,80,000 individuals.
 Awareness Drive.
Debunking myths against covid vaccine through videos, posters and leaflets.
Livelihood Restoration support to marginal farmers, daily wage labourers through intervention in On-Farm, Off-farm and non-farm activities.
Insurance and Low interest loans to Community Workers.
Efforts on convergence through MGNREGS

SeSTA's response on 1st wave of COVID-19