SeSTA’s envisions an empowered Northeast India wherein there exists a vibrant civil society eco-system, skilling the youth, women led community institutions like FPOs and State Rural Livelihood Missions (SRLMs).

Partnering Civil Society Organizations

SeSTA partners with various CSOs in the NE to build their capacity on Organizational Development, Community Cadre and Self Help Groups systems and processes. Other areas of support are Family Based Livelihoods Planning (FBLP), INRM planning, streamlining and introduction of standardized modules and Packages of Practices for livelihoods enhancement.

Strengthening of FPOs

The major focus areas are planning and working on business model of FPOs, leveraging finance, assisting in functional linkages, governance, and inculcating effective training in accounts and management. Another critical aspect is inclusion of female members in the FPOs, given that these institutions tend to be male-dominated.

SeSTA basically supports these FPOs by:

  • Strengthening their Governing body through training and exposure.
  • Income enhancement of significant number of families by providing technical support for livelihood enhancement.
  • Promoting organic and sustainable cultivation.
  • Diversification to other products and services like crop insurance, farm mechanization.
  • Increasing the membership base as well as mobilizing women SHG members into the FPOs.
  • Assistance in providing small working capital to each FPO.
  • Leveraging finances from Banks, NABARD, SFAC.
  • Linkages with other FPOs, traders and marketing institutions

Collaboration with State Rural Livelihood Missions (SRLMs)

SeSTA is a direct implementation partner of SRLM in Assam and Tripura. Recognizing the innovativeness of SeSTA’s engagement, State Rural Livelihoods Missions in Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland have the organization as technical partner to support the SRLM livelihoods work in their respective states. SeSTA will facilitate the designing of modules and engagement with Community Cadres and SRLM staff in these states.

Engagement with Youth

SeSTA engages with youth to: 

  • Training them on improved agriculture so that agriculture can be one remunerative livelihood option.
  • Training girls on sewing, knitting, embroidery.
  • Training a cadre of youths as para-vets with on- job assistance from experienced veterinary practitioners coupled with in-house trainings.
  • Imparting computer education