Seven Sisters Development Assistance

Capacity Building

SeSTA’s envisions an empowered Northeast India wherein there exists a vibrant civil society eco-system, skilling the youth, women led community institutions like FPOs and State Rural Livelihood Missions (SRLMs).

Community Cadre Development

Krishi Sakhi

These CSPs are trained in agriculture practices. They are provided extensive training on the best practices, Integrated Disease and Pest management techniques, preparation of crop calendar, maintain records of expenses and income generated by the community members from the produces

Pashu Sakhi

This group of cadres are trained in animal husbandry practices, they are provided training on vaccinations, identifying diseases, medicines to be used, feed management, housing management of the livestock. These sakhis are trained under the local veterinary department and works with proximity, during vaccination drives or any disease outburst

Adhikar Sakhi

Adhikar Sakhi is a community-based cadre who will provide services to connect beneficiaries with various entitlements schemes. She would create awareness at the SHG/VO level, help villagers apply and access various government schemes

Data Collector

A Digi-friendly cadre is selected and groomed to collect on field data of the Mahila Kishans SeSTA is engaged with. This cadre collects data through the SeSTA mobile application of livelihood activities, processes adopted, expenses made, area covered in farming and income generated

Collaboration with State Rural Livelihood Missions (SRLMs)

The years of experience and innovativeness has led SeSTA to be a direct implementation partner of SRLM in Assam and Tripura. State Rural Livelihoods Missions in Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland have recognised SeSTA as their technical partner to support the SRLM livelihoods work in their respective states. SeSTA facilitates by designing the modules and engagement with Community Cadres and SRLM staff in these states.

SeSTA supports the SRLM by-

Partnering with CSOs

SeSTA partners with various CSOs in the NE to construct a holistic development of the partner CSOs and the community at large. SeSTA is focused on creating a common learning environment for all the CSOs working in NE for an inclusive development of all the marginalised communities. SeSTA also highlights grassroot narratives by bringing them to the fore through a collective platform in the form of articles and newsletters.

SeSTA is partnering with Dhwani Foundation, and RCRC  to capacitate both at the institutional and field level of 14 Grassroot NGOs in Assam.

SeSTA has partnered with different CSOs of northeast in Organisational Development (OD) processes, offering ‘Know-How’ in
institutional building, Livelihoods and in helping accessing development finances from MGNREGs and other Schemes. Capacitating Organisational Development 

Strengthening of FPOs

The major focus areas are planning and working on business model of FPOs, leveraging finance, assisting in functional linkages, governance, and inculcating effective training in accounts and management. An important part of the process is building the capacities of the women stakeholders to govern and run the agency