Seven Sisters Development Assistance


SeSTA’s volunteer and internship programme provides an opportunity to gain an insight into the development sector through hands-on grassroots work. SeSTA hosts interns from leading academic institutions across India and Northeast and believes that they can create a large impact. Interns can work across our programme areas and have the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time in the field. The internship is meant for those seeking to gain work and life experience, and want to contribute something back to the society. Interns may also develop a customised project according to their interests and the needs of the organization.

From the point of view of the SeSTA


  • Provide opportunities to the young to experience and feel inspired to contribute to the development sector
  • Build linkages with educational institutions
  • Enhance the potential pool of young people who may enter the field of development


From the point of view of the Intern


At the end of the Internship, the Intern would have:

  • Enhanced their appreciation for rural realities
  • Enhanced their appreciation for development challenges
  • Had the opportunity to put into practice some aspects of their learning from their classrooms


  • Stage 3 weeks
  • Period of Exposure Intermediate
  • Basic 6 weeks

No stipend is offered for Internship. Candidates are expected to make their own arrangements for travel, boarding, and lodging. SeSTA, however, will extend necessary assistance in helping locate a suitable place to stay and help the Intern settle in her/his location. Each Intern will be attached to a ‘Field Friend’ who will act as the friend, philosopher, and guide of the Intern and extend support facilitating the Intern’s stay and exploration.

If you would like to volunteer/Intern with SeSTA, please get in touch with our HRD unit with a recommendation letter from your department/placement cell along with your resume and send an email to or contact (03664)230031, +91-6003054645

Selection Process of an Intern


  • Application Review:
    – Submit CV and application.
    – HR conducts a screening call to assess Applicants.
  • Documentation:
    – Shortlisted applicants have to submit a recommendation letter from their Head of Department.
  • Internship Offer:
    – Offer extended upon meeting criteria.