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Welfare & Entitlements

Entitlements & MGNREGA

The nations law ensures numbers of rights for the welfare and protection of its citizens, but it is often not entertained by all due to failed policies and execution strategy. MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) which guarantees 100 days of paid employment in every financial year to every household, or the Public Distribution System (PDS) which distributes subsidised food and non-food items to India’s poor are few such policies for the poorest individuals, who attains the majority population in the nation.

While the policies exist, there is a gap due to illiteracy and women at the most remain unaware of the laws and policies which exists to protect or benefit them. As many rural people, especially women, are illiterate and uneducated and they remain unaware of the laws that are there to protect or benefit them.

SeSTA therefore intervenes to mitigate the complex procedures, including documentation, Technical & capacity building support to GPs, Assisting GPs/VCDCs for Technical sanction of schemes, creating a common platform in between Community, PRIs, local MLA and Govt Department, Creating Job Demand making it easier for the villagers to benefit them as intended.