Seven Sisters Development Assistance

Case studies

The Story of Doram Producers Group

Doram Producers Group is from Dorambokgre Village which comes under Chisregre GS Circle, Rerapara Block, South West Garo Hills, Meghalaya. This Producers Group (PG) is composed of altogether 21 members. First week of every month, they sit for a meeting and are regular. Proper book keeping is also maintained along with the Register.

This PG is proactive and optimistic. Whatever they do, they do it with full dedication, commitment and determination. This PG is also engaged in fish processing and earning some amount resulting in strengthening the financial position of the PG.

This PG wanted to start up Arecanut Nursery Unit of 15000 capacities. With their existing financial strength, they were not able to actualize their Plan/aspiration. That being the case this PG sought for the possibility of credit support amounting Rs. 50,000/-. Their interest and dedication was reflecting immensely. Their credit requirement for setting up of the Nursery Unit was made available by SeSTA and other supports as well.

Soon after the amount was dispersed, this PG started engaging and purchasing of the planting materials like poly bag, tarpolin, net, seed etc. 7 trips in a Mahindra Pik -up of the fertile soil have also been carried from the Bank of the Ganol River. The soil from the river bank is very suitable and at the same time helps the seed/saplings grow healthy and green.

The most interesting part is that this PG has given the opportunity to their own group members and women collectives to engage in work and earn at the end of the day. In a two working days and more than 30 labours were used for setting up of 12k Arecanut Nursery Unit. Boundary has also been fixed with Net in order to protect the Nursery set up. All the members of the PG have put all the hard works and effort together very beautifully showcasing the ‘Team Spirit’.

The group members are also aspiring to begin with Piggery Breeding Unit in the individual level and promote as an entrepreneur. A constant hunger was seen in the minds and hearts of the farmers. They have a massive potential to go a long way if required extra miles.

This PG in the long run has a bigger dream or objective which they want to accomplished. Recognized entrepreneur is what they want to be and facilitate other social supports to the community. They intend to provide working platforms for the community in the long run.