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Sanghamitra Mahila Producer Company Ltd.: Nurturing Prosperity in the Dairy Sector –


Sanghamitra Mahila Producer Company Ltd. emerged as a significant venture in 2020 under the umbrella of the Company Act of 2013, catalyzed by the efforts of SeSTA. This farmers producer company comprises of a 5-member Board of Directors, a 5-member Board of Management, and a robust community of 1794 shareholders.


Seizing the Opportunity: A Vision for Dairy Transformation

Situated within communities where bovine husbandry prevails, the demand for milk consumption has always remained substantial. Yet, the local dairy industry has grappled with the challenge of realizing equitable value for its products. Recognizing this imbalance and understanding the consistent rise in milk prices, Sanghamitra Mahila Producer Company Ltd. embarked on a field survey to uncover the potential of the milk business. This exploration illuminated the profitability of dairy production and kindled the drive to create a sustainable business model.

Empowering Communities: The Journey to Success

Through meticulous groundwork and careful assessment, we unearthed a remarkable potential for dairy production in our field areas. Community members were consuming significant quantities of milk, yet the existing supply chain often deprived them of fair compensation. A market survey in Bijni corroborated the demand for high-quality milk, paving the way for a transformative journey.

Raising awareness among village residents about our vision was paramount. We introduced a fair pricing structure that mutually benefited the community and Sanghamitra Mahila Producer Company Ltd. Subsequently, we enlisted dedicated individuals, known as Baideus, for the meticulous task of milk collection. These Baideus collected milk samples, maintained data records, and played a pivotal role in sustaining the supply chain. The synergy between our efforts resulted in a reliable flow of milk from households to our processing centre.

Present Endeavors and Future Aspirations:

Presently operational in 11 villages – Betbari1, Betbari2, Chikajhor, Dhala1, Dhala2, Barpathar, Lakhijhora, Ulubari, Borgaon, Bishnupur, and Larugaon2 – our initiative touches the lives of nearly 128 families. We collect an average of 210 liters of milk per day, a journey that began on April 2, 2023, with an initial collection of 25 liters. This figure has steadily grown to 210 liters.

To ensure milk consumption, Sanghamitra Mahila Producer Company Ltd. acquires a Bulk Milk Consumer, enabling the utilization of approximately 500 liters of milk over four days. With a fleet of 20 milk canes, a milk analyzer for quality assessment, and a dedicated milk collection van, our operations are well-equipped and efficient.


Empowering Progress: Core Objectives:

The mission encompasses several key objectives that encapsulate our commitment to growth, sustainability, and empowerment:

Enhancing Breed Evolution: Understanding that breed quality is a cornerstone of cattle farming, the aim is to revolutionize the breeding system. The focus on local cattle breeds and introducing artificial insemination (AI) represents our pursuit of improved productivity.

Empowering Financial Prosperity: By advocating for scientific cattle farming methods, the anticipation is on increasing the revenue for cattle farmers. This elevation in income contributes to the establishment of cattle farming as a viable livelihood.

Sustainable Business Model: The model bridges the gap between cattle farmers and Sanghamitra Mahila Producer Company Ltd., fostering trust and reliability. Through value addition, branding, and strategic marketing, a sustainable and profitable business framework is established.

Empowering Women: The vision extends beyond commerce; it is a catalyst for female employment. Trained women cadres partake in part-time or full-time roles. Future expansion includes employment opportunities in dairy by-products processing.

In the future, our plans for growth encompass increasing milk collection and expanding our reach to more families. Over the next six months, we intend to gather between 300 and 350 litres of milk daily, with approximately 300 litres being sold in Bijni town. This strategic approach is projected to elevate SMPCL’s net profit to Rs. 60,000 per month.

To ensure the longevity of this venture, we are strategizing the evolution of our breed systems through AI-supported enhancements, meticulous cattle health management, credit linkages, and scientifically refined feeding practices. SMPCL is committed to providing comprehensive support to the community, thus enhancing the dairy sector and rendering it a viable source of both primary and secondary occupation. The objective is to not only bolster the dairy sector but also make it economically sustainable for the community at large.

In pursuit of these goals, SMPCL is in the process of introducing its proprietary brand, “Sanghamitra Milk,” which will, in turn, generate meaningful employment opportunities for women. This employment initiative will span various aspects of the process and supply chain, overseen and executed by women workers. Additionally, the administration of these operations will also be managed by a dedicated team of women workers. SMPCL envisions engaging 4-5 woman workers in the role of milk cadre, alongside 2-3 women contributing to the processing centre in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, our team of “Pashu Sakhis” is poised to play a pivotal role in disease control, providing medical assistance, and administering vaccines within the community.