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A Multi-Faceted Journey:
Pallavi Saikia's Journey to Sustainable Livelihoods through Pisciculture and Diversified Farming

What one can aesthetically imagine about an idle rural family in Assam is, a home surrounded with lush greeneries, an oIn the village of Khuiyarbari, nestled within the Ujani Majuli region, lives Pallavi Saikia, a woman of determination and vision. Alongside her supportive husband and two sons, Pallavi navigates the challenges of rural life with resilience and ambition. 

       “At the outset, I was unsure where to begin,” Pallavi recalls. “But drawing inspiration from my father’s wisdom, I decided to start small with a fishery.” Amidst the 78 households of Khuiyarbari, Pallavi’s journey towards financial stability was fraught with uncertainty. However, with her husband’s unwavering support, she gradually found her footing. “I had no prior experience in business,” Pallavi admits. “But with my husband’s encouragement, I embarked on this journey towards sustainable income.” 


As a member of the Janakalyan Self-Help Group (SHG), Pallavi accessed a loan of Rs. 50,000 from the Cluster Level Federation (CLF) for agricultural purposes, kickstarting her entrepreneurial endeavors. Through diligent efforts in vegetable cultivation, she earned an annual income of Rs. 30,000. “After repaying the loan, I ventured into dairy farming,” Pallavi shares. “Investing in two Jersey cows proved to be a wise decision, yielding a daily production of 14 liters of milk and an annual income of Rs. 21,000.” 

Undeterred by challenges, Pallavi sought further expansion opportunities. With a bank loan of Rs. 2 lakhs, she ventured into pisciculture, transforming a small pond into a lucrative fishery. Today, her fish supply caters to diverse clientele across Majuli, fetching an annual income of Rs. 1.50 lakhs.

“SeSTA’s intervention marked a turning point in my journey,” Pallavi reflects. “The support from the Axis Bank Foundation under PRIDE project enabled me to enhance my fishery operations, paving the way for sustainable growth.” 

Empowered by SeSTA’s training programs on scientific agriculture and fish rearing, Pallavi diversified her livelihood activities. From goat rearing to poultry farming, she embraced sustainable practices, contributing to her community’s prosperity. “Now, I am committed to sharing my knowledge with neighbouring villages,” Pallavi adds. “Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change.” 

Looking ahead, Pallavi envisions further expansion of her fishery, with a focus on pisciculture. “I am determined to establish a sustainable source of income and contribute to the holistic development of our region”, she concludes.


Penaru Ekka, Ujani Majuli