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Empowering Rural Women in Northeast India

Rural women plays an important role in the Indian economy as farmers, wage earners & entrepreneurs. They have to take the responsibility of all the family members including, food security, child care & healthcare . Though the women from indigenous and grassroot communities of Northeast India have traditional knowledge which is considered as the key of their livelihoods yet, due to gender  based discrimination and social norms it is often seen that the women are not paid equally as the men. Also, unequal access to healthcare, education and other financial services are predominant. The empowerment of Indian women will not be complete without empowering those who are living at India's last periphery. The ones whose day starts before sunrise and continues after sunset. These are the women farmers of India, whose voices often go unheard owing to their gender, and who struggles to establish their identity at a grassroots level due to patriarchal traditions and gender socialization. Your support can help us in giving voices to these unheard women farmers by empowering them by various means of livelihood.

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