Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


SeSTA envisages a vibrant, democratic and developed society with peace and harmony where every citizen is empowered and lives a dignified life.


Catalysing inclusive and sustainable development in North East India by enhancing capabilities of the rural communities.


To accomplish its Mission, SeSTA is committed to achieve the following:

  • Agency enhancement of women through women led process to increase capabilities, livelihood, well being of vulnerable rural communities and increase harmony, peace and synergy in the society
  • Women are safe, secure and united, have equal space in home and society, to raise voice against various social evils and capable enough to actively collaborate with various stakeholders for advancement in life and livelihood in a sustainable manner. Ensure awareness and access to basic services in health, education etc. by government agencies
  • Families have enhanced income through Natural Resource Management(NRM) and access to market led opportunities
  • Youths are skilled, informed and enterprising
  • Women led collectives will facilitate peace building processes through collaboration with different stakeholders

SeSTA's definition of Agency:

"I can change my life and the surroundings. But, I am not the only architect of my destiny. I am aware about the factors that shape my destiny which includes interaction of me with peers, family, society, stakeholders, community, self, in a dynamic way. Even though I go through struggle and stress, I know I am in-charge and it's a part of my life-design and choices I have taken. While I actively seek guidance and critique, I don't look upon others shoulders for approval. Further, I am willing to change myself as I continue to influence the world around me towards a desired state. I strive to individuate, expand the self and effectively attain goal."


Core of SeSTA's Existence

  • Equity and democracy
  • Transparency
  • Pro-poor orientation
  • Accountability
  • Openness
  • Punctuality
  • Equality
  • Respect for Women
  • Excellence and rigour
  • Confrontation
  • Supportive and appreciative
  • Space to individual
  • Respect to each other
  • Adherence to commitments/ contracts

Non Negotiable in SeSTA

  • Accountability
    • Role
    • Responsibility
    • Knowledge & skill attaining
  • Transparency:
    • Communication
    • Acceptance
    • Work, MIS
    • Accounts And Finances
    • Engagement with the community
  • Respect for women:
    • Understanding Needs
    • Gender Sensitive
    • Extending Support
    • Retaining more women colleagues
  • Equality:
    • No Discrimination
    • Inclusiveness