Publication & Sduties

Publication & Sduties

Integrated Disease and Pest Management in Paddy Cultivation(In Assamese)

SeSTA has been working on enhancement of productivity of paddy in Assam since 2009 by promoting SRI method of paddy cultivation. This book is designed based on our field level experience and input from agriculture scientist. This handbook is very useful for agriculture extension worker and farmers. This hand book is prepared with the support of SDTT, Mumbai.

Report of State Level Workshop on "Agriculture in Assam: SRI and Issues for Sustainability" held at Guwahati on 20th March, 2012

In order to discuss the problems and challenges as well as to find out fruitful solution a State level workshop on Agriculture in Assam: SRI and Issues for Sustainability was organised by SeSTA with RGVN with support from PRADAN, New Delhi, SDTT, Mumbai and Actioaid. Representatives from various government departments, NGOs and farmers participated in the workshop and shared their experiences and concerns.

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Report of State Level Workshop on "Growing Crops with SRI principles: A means for strengthening Agriculture based livelihood in Assam" held at Guwahati on 14th June, 2013

Looking at the present agricultural production and pattern in Assam, promoting SRI methods of crop cultivation in this area is very important to strengthen agriculture based livelihood in Assam. Taking this opportunity this workshop was organised in order to share experiences of SRI promotion and cultivation, and involve different stakeholders i.e. farmers, government agencies, NGOs, Peoples Representatives etc, in the process of promoting SRI method of crop cultivation.

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System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Assamese and Bodo language

This brochure is available in Assamese and Bodo language. This brochure is prepared based on the 4 years experience of SeSTA promoting the SRI method of paddy cultivation in lower Assam areas with more than 8500 farmers. All principles of SRI method of paddy cultivation is depicted in a very simple ways so that farmers could easily follow those steps.


System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Karbi and Garu language

This brochure was developed based on SeSTA's experience on promoting SRI among Garu and Karbi farmers in Karbianglog district of Assam,

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Video Documents  
SRI DHAAN (In Assamese)

"SRI Dhaan" is a film that would be used primarily as part of training module for "System of Rice Intensification" or SRI. The film focuses on the scientific attributes of SRI, its benefits and implications.
"SRI Dhaan" also tries to bring forth the experiences of the practicing farmers who have reaped the benefits of SRI across different communities residing in Bongaigaon and Chirang district of western Assam.

Other Materials for
Awareness Generation
SRI -Calender

This is a calender of year 2013, describing the basic principles of SRI method of paddy cultivation. This calender would be used for generating awareness among the farmers.